800 V Battery Pack

Ahead of its time

At the heart of the Koenigsegg Regera’s and Gemera's game-changing new Direct Drive system is a battery pack akin to Formula 1 grade electrification applied to a road car for the first time.

The Regera’s battery pack has two parallel strings of 192 cells, for a total of 384 cells. The battery is a 4.5 kWh unit running on 800 volts (V), which makes the Regera the first 800 V production car in the world. That massive 800 V supply line lets us draw power from the battery at an alarming rate and importantly, we can draw that power for a relatively long period of time.

Impressive performance

The Regera produces 670 electric hp and all that from a battery pack that weighs just 75kg with cooling fluids.

The Regera can draw on its full 670 electric horsepower from very low speeds for a full 10 seconds, which is much longer than the draw capability of any competitor. It’s not just the battery’s ability to draw immense power that is impressive, however. The battery can also accept a massive 200 kW of recharge, if necessary, with the system constantly striving for a balance between power and efficiency.

The Regera battery pack’s combination of extreme lightweight, high output and high discharge/recharge set it apart from anything else in production today and will place the Regera at the pinnacle of the automotive landscape for years to come.

Cooling capacity and Safety

The Koenigsegg Regera battery pack also boasts the highest cooling capacity of any battery in automotive use today. All electric vehicle manufacturers use coolant piped around the battery pack to draw heat from the batteries. There is always an area that traditional cooling pipes cannot reach, however. The Regera battery pack is housed in a sealed unit featuring optimized local coolant flooding across all critical heat-sensitive elements. Every critical surface within and around the battery stack is cooled as efficiently as possible.

Every cell of the pack is carefully monitored for voltage, state of charge, health and temperature. The cells are enclosed in a carbon fibre casing for efficiency, safety and stability. The battery is located in the most protected area of the car – the carbon-aramid chassis tunnel.

Insane power
Calls for insane technology

The Regera's industry-first 800V battery pack and system explained.

Top view angle shot of the Regera Side profile of the Gemera

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