The man
behind it all

This is how one man's conviction to build the perfect supercar led to a legacy of trailblazing automotive innovations and setting new standards in performance. The narrative lives amongst those who have walked alongside Christian and the fiery Ghost Squadron community of fans, customers and staff. This is the story of Christian von Koenigsegg.

A passion for innovation

Christian von Koenigsegg in Nevada

No compromises
No fear of failure

A journey and transformation of one man's passion into a worldwide appetite for ultimate performance. Christian details the triumphs, challenges and

An Impossible dream takes shape

After the Chip Player and Click disappointments, and wanting to achieve more than running an import and export company, Christian decided that instead of chasing after the perfect business idea, he would follow his heart. He would build his dream car. Christian understood that it was virtually impossible and that many had failed before him. But to him, it was a mission – to create the perfect car with no compromises, no limits, and no fear of failure.

It was against this backdrop that a young Christian von Koenigsegg followed a dream and launched his own car company in 1994. To create the perfect supercar.

An Impossible dream takes shape

Christian was only 5 years old when he first saw a Norwegian stop-motion film (Pinchcliffe Grand Prix) about a bicycle repairman who builds his own racing car and wins the race despite the odds. The film made quite an impression, inspiring a young Christian to the perfect sports car. Some 17 years later, and against all odds, he did just that.

Christian von Koenigsegg was fascinated by machinery as a boy, dismantling video recorders or toasters to see how they worked and could be improved, even earning a reputation as the town’s best moped tuner as a teen.

An Impossible dream takes shape
Childhood passion
Christian as a child

It is impossible to lead by following

While Sweden was known for its engineering progress, its automotive industry was characterized largely by safety and lasting quality - not quite the setting to be starting a company producing performance sportscars. Even at the company's inception in 1994, there were no known successful start-ups in the car industry with a market not doing very well. As a supercar entrepreneur with no background, no finances, no track record and no market asking for his product there seemed to be more odds stacked against him.

But Christian was determined to prove to himself that if you could put your mind to it, and worked hard, you can achieve anything.

It is impossible to lead by following
An unlikely setting
Young christian in overalls

Therefore I am different

This experimental and inventive streak would be the red thread linking Christian’s youth to the birth of the company. Armed with vision and a determination to create the perfect supercar, Christian and a small team pushed the boundaries of technology and innovation to conceive the Koenigsegg CC prototype.

Therefore I am different
Paving the way
A man sitting in the door opening of the car

Ahead of his time

At the age of 18, Christian began experimenting with technical innovations and had conceived some interesting inventions. One was called the Chip Player, where computer memory chips held an entire CD’s worth of data as a cheaper way to buy and store music. He conducted some patent searches for a musical device that would play chips instead of discs but with no interest. Christian moved on, not realizing that a few years later his idea would become the norm.

In 1991, he invented a new solution for joining floorboards without adhesive or nails, calling it Click, as the design enabled planks to simply click together. Christian presented this to his father-in-law in Belgium, who ran a flooring factory. He rejected it, claiming that someone would have invented it a long time ago if it were viable. Other floor manufacturers also dismissed it. In 1995, a Belgian and a Swedish company patented the same solution as Christian’s Click floor –even calling it Click! This innovation has turned into a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Ahead of his time
back in the day
Christian von Koenigsegg
All from scratch

It all

A legacy of performance

Christian and Koenigsegg Automotive AB have introduced and patented several new technologies over the years. Among them are the Koenigsegg Direct Drive, the Light Speed Transmission, to name but a few. Furthermore, several composite innovations such as the AirCore hallow carbon fiber chassis development demonstrate how Koenigsegg has elavated the use of carbon fiber to make the car lighter, stronger and safer.

The Koenigsegg philosophy does not tolerate compromise. Rather, we work with innovation in order to avoid compromise completely. Nothing is impossible. This open-mindedness and dedication are what define Koenigsegg and its cars.