Bespoke Engineering

‘HydraCoup’ is a bespoke hydraulic coupling, developed in-house specifically for the Koenigsegg Regera. It was conceived by Christian von Koenigsegg and developed by engineer Dag Bolenius. The part is made by local craftsmen, in Sweden, according to Koenigsegg’s exact specifications.

The Regera features a unique driveline that eliminates the conventional transmission in favor of just a final drive unit. Essentially, the car is in seventh gear at all times. This works well at cruising speeds but anyone who has tried to take off from standstill in seventh gear will know the stress placed on the driveline.

The decision to develop HydraCoup in-house was one of necessity: there was no other component in the world capable of doing so much, at such a compact size. As is often case at Koenigsegg, when a part is not available to do the exact job we require, we design and build the part ourselves.


How it works

HydraCoup is basically a very advanced torque converter with lock-up functionality; the all-important linchpin that allows smooth and progressive power transfer from the combustion engine to the Regera’s single-speed driveline.

When the Regera takes off from standstill, the primary torque applied to the rear wheels comes from the electric motors. The instant torque from the electric motors acts like the lower gears of a traditional transmission, getting the car away smoothly from standstill.

HydraCoup will then gradually feed power from the internal combustion engine into the drivetrain until the HydraCoup locks up and the full power and torque of the ICE are applied.

Rear of the Regera


Watch Christian explain the inner workings of the HydraCoup and its essential role as part of the patented and proven single-gear Koenigsegg Direct Drive that pioneered in the Regera