The CCXR was a CCX with “Flower Power” added, as it could also run on renewable fuel such as E85 ethanol, making it the world’s first green supercar.

No other supercar manufacturer was even considering an environmental approach at this time. The CCXR could take performance to an entirely new level as ethanol fuels have a higher octane rating than normal pump gas, allowing for greater output.  The CCXR added more than 200hp to the already-phenomenal CCX's power - producing an incredible 1018hp.


1018 BHP Output (on E85)

1060 Nm Max Torque

400 km/h Est. Top Speed

4.7 Liter Engine Displacement

3.1 Sec 0-100km/h

A green

In 2009 The CCXR Edition was awarded “one of the 10 Most Beautiful Cars in history” by Forbes Magazine and was chosen for the Power Car Award 2008.

CCXR Owners tour CCXR Track CCXR Interior top view CCXR Headlights closeup CCXR Ghost squadron rear image
CCXR Owners tour CCXR Track CCXR Interior top view CCXR Headlights closeup CCXR Ghost squadron rear image
  • CCXR Edition

    CCXR Edition

    Runs on biofuels

    4.8 liter flex-fuel engine

    Special touches

    11 spoke wheels

    Aero kit

    Unique rear wing and side winglets

    Beautiful accents

    Visible carbon body and chassis construction

    The Koenigsegg CCXR Edition was created to deliver superior performance - both in a straight line and on the most technical of tracks – and to do so in style and comfort.

  • CCXR Trevita

    CCXR Trevita

    Carbon fiber innovation

    Exclusive coated fiber solution

    Stylish aerodynamics

    Unique double carbon rear wing

    Koenigsegg developed

    Flex-fuel system


    1018 bhp on E85 Biofuel

    A unique coated fiber solution for the Trevita program that transformed the fibers from black to a sparkling, silvery-white. In the sun, it sparkles as if millions of tiny white diamonds are infused inside the visible carbon-fiber bodywork.

  • Koenigsegg CCXR Special Edition

    Special Edition

    The finest

    Visible carbon work

    Revised aero

    Double F1 wing, larger front splitter and side winglets

    Updated interior

    Touchscreen infotainment & a g-force meter

    A Koenigsegg first

    F1 Paddle shift system 

    The CCXR Special Edition was the final limited edition of the flex-fuel-capable CCXR range and took the CCXR to the highest level possible.