Whistleblowing is a process that enables Koenigsegg Group's employees, consultants, suppliers, and other stakeholders to report violations of law, Koenigsegg Group's code of conduct or other regulations within Koenigsegg Group.

It is of great importance to protect the company, our employees, and suppliers, as well as the environment and society against serious irregularities in which Koenigsegg Group could in any way be involved.

If serious irregularities can be detected at an early stage, Koenigsegg Group has a better opportunity to prevent the risks and limit the damage. This is beneficial not only for Koenigsegg Group, but also for employees and other stakeholders. Koenigsegg Group has therefore implemented the possibility to report serious incidents through an external reporting channel, via KPMG.

When to use the function?

It should be used if suspicions emerge regarding violations of law and other serious irregularities of public interest.



  • Bribery and corruption
  • Fraud and conflicts of a public interest
  • Theft
  • Serious irregularities within work environment and safety
  • Violation of human rights


How are the reports handled?


By utilizing reports administrates of an external company (KPMG), this web portal is operated by well experienced registration recipients. The portal protects the Whistle-blowers anonymity and KPMG has the possibility to communicate anonymously with the Whistle-blower for further follow up.

It’s also possible to report via phone or to one of KPMG's offices.

Reports will be summarized and evaluated by KPMG and then communicated together with a recommendation to contact persons for Whistleblowing at Koenigsegg Group.

Phone: +46 771 401629 (voicemail to include possibility to report by phone)

Web: https://wbreport.amo.kpmg.se/5565748018